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Friday, January 22, 2016


Familiar Story
We all know the story of John 4, the Samaritan woman at the well.  Most of us can tell the story without reading the text.  Working through that passage a day or so ago I was struck by John 4:19.  The woman’s response to Jesus, was consistent with most of our actions.  When she was confronted with her sin, she deflected, changed the subject, and began to talk about religion.
Familiar Response
We do that a lot, do we not?  Rather than deal directly with an issue, we will change the subject, deflect, and or we will launch into a discourse about how to deal with issues in different religions or what really is a sin based on what we think or believe.  Anything to keep from really facing who we are.

Better Response
In contrast to the woman’s response, look at 2 Samuel 12:1 – 15.  When Nathan confronted David with his sin, David immediately admitted his adultery.  He repented and penned Psalm 51 as a response.

Choose Better
Deflection or repentance?  The woman at the well or David’s response?  It seems like we should follow David in this.

1 comment:

  1. Deflection from my true nature, it's ingrained sinfulness is like denying that the little spot on my leg is melanoma when the doctor tells me the lab result. It will only cause it to metastasize and likely cost me my life.

    Repentance puts me directly under cross, God's grace and the healing power of His forgiveness.

    How amazing that I so often try to wrap myself in the rags of the former when the spotless robe of Christ's righteousness is held out to me.