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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Leaning on What?

My Background
My undergraduate degree is in Civil Engineering.  My first job was to learn to fly and then teach others to fly Air Force jets.  I have worked in conceptual cost estimating for a large southern utility.  I worked in project controls, project management on several large construction contracts including the largest road project ever done in Texas.  I helped to start and develop the infrastructure for a company, I have consulted several others.  Bottom line I am a problem solver and solution implementer.  I am good at it.
Leaning on What?
So when I encounter challenges my first response is to figure out how to fix it.  I am also a type A, driver/driver, high D, or how whatever personality instrument with which you are familiar describes a bull in a china closet.  I have a bias for action and do not like to sit still when there is a problem to be solved.  There is one major flaw in all of this – well probably more than one…

Why My MO is Wrong
Proverbs 3:5 is the one.  Although I have a lot of understanding in some areas, I am not to lean on that understanding.  Fact is, in most cases, that is exactly what I do.  But, that runs counter to what the Lord commands and what Solomon recommends here.

David’s MO
David was a fairly good warrior.  He had a ton of experience in fighting the enemies of Israel, especially the Philistines.  In 2 Samuel 5:17 – 25, twice, the Philistines came against Israel.  Each time David did not develop the battle plan.  Rather, David, who had the ton of experience in battle with this enemy, asked God what to do.  David did not lean on what he understood about battle with the Philistines, an understanding that was deep, nearly second nature.  No, he leaned on what God told him to do.

Be Like David
My suspicion is that we should all do what David did rather than what I typically do.

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