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Monday, November 16, 2015

Why So Rare?

The Question
I have shared here that one application of the last couple of years in Jeremiah has been to ask men what the Lord has been teaching them out of the Word.  I ask everyone that, but I make sure if I am talking to a leader that we have that conversation.
Why So Rare?
The Reaction
A while back I was at a function and was introduced to a leader of a mission organization.  We talked for a while and in the course of the conversation I asked the question.  He had a great answer.  His lesson was out of 1 John which is one of the books I have just finished studying, so we had a good time talking through his lesson.

The Evaluation
Later that individual was one of the speakers at the event.  During his remarks he mentioned our conversation and noted that he never gets asked that question.  He shared his lesson with the group.

Why Not?
Why would someone who is charged with leading believers in a mission not be asked what the Lord is teaching him from His Word?  As the Body of Christ are we not supposed to encourage one another day after day, Hebrews 3:13?  Are we assuming that our leaders are being taught by the Lord?  Why would we assume that?  We are quick to criticize or complain.  Why not engage and ask what they are learning.  It should encourage them and possibly challenge us.

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