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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bewildered Part 3

(Continued from the past couple of days)
The “Final” Bewilderment
One other thing bewilders me.  Apart from believers not making getting into the Word a priority in their lives, is Christian leaders who have either abandoned the Word of God or else have made serious compromises in order to accommodate the world.
Bewildered Part 3
Not a New Problem
The core message of Jeremiah is that when leaders abandon the Word for their own ideas or the ideas the world, the people of God are left adrift.  In Jeremiah 5:4 the prophet describes those who have abandoned the Word as those who have broken the yoke.  In Jeremiah 23:21 – 22, God decries the prophet who chose to share their ideas rather than His Word.  He says that if they had stood in His counsel, His Word, they would have been able to turn the people back to Him.

Agreement With the World
I know of denominations and organizations who are now accepting the World’s view on homosexuality.  That is the logical conclusion of decisions that were made years ago that parts of the Bible no longer apply to us.

Quick Question
If we agree with the World, what difference does the Church expect to make?

Not Surprising
So when the leaders of denominations, churches, and Christian organizations break the yoke, abandon or compromise with the world, and do not emphasize the importance of the Word nor share from it consistently, is it any wonder that those in their care do not view it as important?

I am bewildered but not surprised.

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