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Sunday, November 8, 2015


Hearing the Gospel
The first time the gospel was clear, at least the reality that Christ paid for my sins, was when it was presented by a Young Life leader at a meeting my sophomore or junior year in high school.  I knew then that I did not want to go to hell.  So that evening I asked Christ to save me.  I bought the fire insurance.

This is the study...
Initial Reaction
Got involved in a Bible study with the leader.  Went to a conference in Colorado at a Young Life property to get ready for college.  When I got to college I was involved for the first year with InterVarsity, and went to church a few times.  Things went south after my fish year (fish is what freshmen are called at A&M).

Life Changes
I graduated from A&M in May of 73, Saturday the 5th to be exact.  I was sworn into the Air Force after commencement, and the 6th, was in Selma, Alabama, Craig Air Force Base to start Undergraduate Pilot Training.

Roped In
There is not much, at least there wasn’t then, in Selma.  There were several of us A&M former students, in UPT at Craig.  One of the guys I knew pretty well was invited to a Bible study.  He asked me to come with him, I think for immoral support.  Since there was not much to do in Selma, I went.

Bored to Tears
The study was a fill in the blank study, Studies in Christian Living, Book 4, See the image above.  You will note that most of the blanks are not filled in.  I was not all that excited about the study.  At the end of the 5 or so weeks we did the study, the leader suggested we go to book 5 of the series.  I raise my hand and asked if there was something else we could do.  He said, yep, and then passed out three sheets, here is what he passed out.
Most of the blanks are still blank...
Mind Blowing
A couple of days later I pulled out the sheets and the Bible that was given to me in elementary school and started working through the study on 2 Timothy 2:2.  Three hours later I was done.  I was both blown away and hooked.  I could not believe there was that much in one verse in the Bible.

The Real Deal
Three weeks later I turned my life over to Christ.

What happens next is what has me bewildered.  Stay tuned…


  1. Mike, can you send this out in the form of an attachment so I can print it out? I can't read it.

  2. I love stories of how God pursues His chosen ones, stimulates their hearts to seek, then captures them with the Truth.

    As the old Southern Gospel song says, "And that was the end - of the beginning."

    And He's never let you go....