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Monday, September 28, 2015

What is Good?

What is the Measure?
How does one measure good in the body?  Is good something that keeps your attention?  Is good something that brings a large number of people through the doors?  Is good enjoyable?
What is Good?
I am not sure.  I do know that I seem to have a different view of what is good than many.

This is what I think is good…
A good message for me is one that fully explores the context of a passage.  A good speaker is one who does not dodge the difficult things in Scripture by continually speaking on topics.  I do not think it is good to put a young believer on stage because he will draw a crowd.  Some of the best messages I have heard were not enjoyable, the speaker was meddling.

Christ seemed to have a different standard…
Christ said a lot of things that irritated those who were listening.  In John 5:39 -42, He told the leaders of the Jews that they were missing the boat.  In John 6, when people reacted to what He said rather than soften His message, He doubled down, driving all but His disciples away.  He was more interested in the truth, what His Father wanted Him to say than He was the number of people who were following Him.  Heck in John 6:26 – 27, Christ rebukes those who followed Him to the other side of the sea because they were coming for the wrong reason.

I wonder if we are measuring good correctly?

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