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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Bad Day
The past 24 hours have been hard.  There has been a series of events that were discouraging.  What the events were is not important.  The impact that they had on me caused me to ask a significant question which I will share in a bit.
I have had a varied ministry experience.  It is not necessary for the purpose here to recount it.  The experiences with which I have been provided, I view as a trust from the Lord.  It seems that He has entrusted much to me.  Luke 12:48, reminds me, because of that, much is required of me.

Yet there are times that I feel not only that I am not doing as much with that trust, but that He is blocking me, putting me on the bench, if you will.  That is the feeling that the events of the past 24 hours has produced.

Past Experience
Several years ago, I was really working hard at trying to use the gifts and experiences that He had given.  I was blocked at just about every turn.  The Lord used Hebrews 5:4 to dig me out.  He reminded me that He was in charge.  I needed to rest in Him, and let go of trying to serve Him.  I did.  He opened up many doors.

Working through the Confusion
Most of the day I have been processing my reactions to the events of the past 24 hours.  A question came to mind as I worked through my emotions.  “Is Jesus enough?”

The Main Question
I have been gifted in many ways.  I have a lot of skills that can and have been used for the Kingdom.  If I am never again given an opportunity to use them, “Is Jesus enough?”  Am I content to know Him?  Am I content to not be recognized, asked to serve, not be engaged in my passion to equip men to study His Word?  “Is Jesus, just knowing Him, enough?”

The answer should be yes.

I am not sure that it is for me right now.  That pains me.

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