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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Used or Redeemed

Are You Spiritual?
How do you measure your walk with God?  If you are like many you measure it on some basis of performance.  Did you have your quiet time n number of days in a row?  Have you shared the gospel lately?  How well did you do teaching that Sunday school class?  Did you lead that Bible study well?  Is God using me as much as He could be?  Is there sin in my life that is keeping God from using me?
Used or Redeemed
We could probably come up with some more…without really trying very hard.

Not Sure that Being Used By God is the Measure…
My Moroccan friend and I were in Jeremiah 50 – 51 this morning.  In those chapters God outlines for Jeremiah His plans for the destruction of Babylon.  Now all throughout Jeremiah, Judah is commanded to surrender to Nebuchadnezzar.  He is portrayed as God’s servant and by extension, Babylon, Jeremiah 25:9; 27:6; 43:10.  Yet in Jeremiah 50 – 51 the Lord outlines His plan to destroy His servant.

Daniel 4:34 – 37, tells us of Nebuchadnezzar’s praise of God’s sovereignty and dominion.

So here is one who is called God’s servant, that seemingly has declared God’s sovereignty and reign over himself and his land, and yet is being destroyed by God.

What Gives?
I am still working through this so I will gladly accept correction or questions…  It seems to me that what may be happening here is that we have a model of one who is being used by a sovereign God for God’s purposes – Oh, as a cross reference look at Habakkuk 1 – one who has at least acknowledged God’s sovereignty, but does not at some fundamental level accept and trust in that sovereignty.  Thus he and his country are destroyed.  He is not redeemed.  Used, not redeemed.

What is the Right Measure?
Now if that is true, and I am admittedly still working through this, then I would submit that being used by God for His purposes is not a measure of a good relationship with Him.  Further, seeking to be used, would not be a proper means to develop a deep, trusting relationship with Him.

Robert Morris touched on this when he described the four stages of maturity (you would be well served to watch or listen to this if you haven’t – if you have it wouldn’t hurt to listen again).

If my observations are correct, if we are being used of God, we need to look past that to our relationship with Him.  In 1 John 1, the issue for John is fellowship with the Father and with His Son, not being used.  Perhaps that is the better measure.

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I found this on a Google+ post. You have presented some very thoughtful points here, and ones worth considering in light of the "many" that are used in what looks like Godly works these days but seem to deny the very Power that fuels them. So many worship works. So many worship the miraculous over the Giver of Miracles. If they brag on being used for prophecy or healings or any such thing, they would do well to examine themselves and take heed to make sure they are redeemed and not only used. Keep studying and keep sharing. I'll be interested in what more God gives you on this.