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Sunday, September 27, 2015


What bothers you?  What is it that gets your blood flowing?  What is it about your Church that gets under your skin?
I heard one person this morning complaining about something to do with the music that was being played in the service.  I know of churches that have split over the color of the carpet.  I know a pastor who left his church because he did not tell enough stories, he shared too much from the Scripture.  I know of those who will raise holy heck if their pet theological position, whether they understand or can support it from Scripture or not, is challenged.  I have heard complaints that the music was too loud or not loud enough…

Not Bothersome?
I do not remember ever hearing someone complain that the pastor was not focused enough on discipleship.  Nor do I remember hearing a complaint that the pastor was not exhorting the flock enough to get into the Word.  I can’t recall anyone ever complaining that the staff did not rebuke enough.  I haven’t heard anyone complain that the equipping ministry of the church was not up to snuff.

What is Important?
I can’t find any passage in the Old or New Testament on the color of the carpet, the type and volume of the music.

I do find in Ephesians 4:11 – 16 that the leaders are supposed to equip.  I read in 2 Timothy 4:1 – 2 that the leader of a body is supposed to proclaim the Word continually, he is to reprove, rebuke, exhort, and instruct.  He is supposed to reprove severely, Titus 1:13 and he is supposed to do that so that no one ignores him, Titus 2:15.

I wonder what bothers us says about us.

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