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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two Roads Diverge

With apologies to Robert Frost…  Psalm 37 describes two ways to deal with people or situations that we feel are evil, wrong, or just plain not fair (I wrote about this briefly earlier, this one is a bit more detailed…).
How do we handle life's difficult people and circumstances?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Here are the two roads:
Road 1 Road 2
Fret Trust in the Lord
Dwell in the Land
Cultivate Faithfulness
Delight in the Lord
Commit your way to the Lord
Rest in the Lord
Wait patiently for the Lord
Cease from anger
Forsake wrath
Frankly, Road 1, fretting, is easier, and leads to a shorter life span so you will not have to deal with the evil, wrong, or unfair as long.  However, if we are interested in serving Christ, having our lives matter here, the right side, Road 2, is more likely the better option.

Note that the first seven (yellow) deal with our engagement with God.  The first, trust God, is repeated in verses 3 and 5.  The last two (green) are focused on our relationships with the folks around us.  Those who are behaving in evil, wrong, or unfair ways.  With a little effort you can find New Testament parallels to just about all of David’s suggestions here.

That might be a great study to do with your kids or others with whom you may be walking on this journey.


  1. Powerfully observed, Mike. Both in my sad experience and by observation I conclude that the "right" road is indeed "the one less traveled by," even by those of us who name the Name of the One who sheds His grace of forgiveness on us all. What years we can waste!

    The Apostle Paul consistenty preached a message of "repentance toward God and faith in Christ" (e.g. Acts 20:21) to his unbelieving audiences. Although an initial step in coming to God, repentance is not to be left standing at the front door. In 2 Cor.7:8-10 Paul clearly applies necessity and benefits of repentance to the believer's life.

    The Right Road sadly is the less traveled road, but it alone is the road to life. Far too often I find myself off in the thorns and thistles along the side of that road....