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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Committed to Iniquity

You may remember that I am working through Jeremiah with three groups of men right now.  This morning in one of the groups we looked at Jeremiah 8 – 9.  Later I was reading and Jeremiah 9:5 nearly jumped off of the page.  The two phrases that got my attention were:
  • They have taught their tongues to speak lies
  • They weary themselves committing iniquity
Talk about commitment!

The people of Judah studied how to lie, practicing lying so they could get it right.  Think about that.  Picture a class room where the students are being taught, equipped to lie.  That is a process not an event.  It takes someone describing how to lie, listening to you try, and then giving you feedback as to how you did?  How would they have a test?

The next phase is just as shocking.  The people of Judah were so engaged in iniquity that they tired themselves out committing iniquity.  They probably fell asleep or had trouble staying awake in lying class.
Some people wear themselves out sinning...  Thoughts at DTTB.
I can hear the teacher now… “Sam you are sleeping in class again!”

“Teach, I was out all night committing iniquity, I can barely keep my eyes open.”

The teacher responds, “Oh, ok then, sorry to disturb…”

Of course since this is lying class, Sam may not be telling the truth.

I know people like this.  We have politicians that seem to live like this.  Taught to Lie and committed to do so to the point of fatigue.

We have to be alert to these types of people.  They can take us down with them.

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