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Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to be Taught by God

That sounds like a good idea, does it not?  It seems that having the creator of the universe teach you would be something that we would line up for rather quickly.  But probably not.  It has been my experience that most people are more interested in telling what they know than learning.  That seems to manifest itself when people are around experts and rather than listen they talk.  I have learned that it is really hard to hear when your mouth is moving.
How would we get to be instructed by God?  Thoughts at DTTB.
The interesting thing to me is that God offers to teach us.  Look at Psalm 25:8 – 14, there God offers to:
  • Instruct sinners in the way
  • Lead the humble in justice
  • Teach the humble His way
  • Instruct in the way a person should choose
  • Tell us His secrets
  • Make us know His covenant
Pretty good list.  Especially considering the source, all we have to do is:
  • Be a sinner
  • Be humble
  • Fear God
We all have the first one nailed.  The next two trip some, or maybe most of us, up.

Like those who are more interested in trying to impress an expert, it is hard to admit that we are needy.  However, it seems that if we are offered tutelage by the Creator, we might just want to listen.  I am not sure that we could impress Him with our great knowledge.  Especially, since He gave us both the knowledge and the ability to understand and use it.

Time to be humble and fear I think.

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