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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To Grow or Not To Grow – Illustrated

Yesterday I pointed out that Peter said that we had to crave the Word personally in order to grow.  Let me illustrate that…

Say that you are the guy on the left who is interested in the girl on the right…
Is what we are doing helping us to grow - Illustrated.  Thoughts at DTTB.
So in order to get to know her you ask your best friend to go spend about 30 hours a week with her to find out all that he can about the girl of your dreams…
Once a week you go over to your friend’s house to get a report for 20 minutes.  You cannot ask questions but if you are really interested in the girl of your dreams you can take notes… In fact you do and soon you have a file folder full of notes about the girl of your dreams…

How is your relationship with her going to work out?
100% of the people with whom I have shared this scenario tell me that your friend is going to marry the girl of your dreams.  Yep.  But that is how a large majority of believers approach the Christian life.  The friend is the pastor, the Sunday school teacher, the small group leader, the person that wrote the Bible study guide you are using, or the book about the Bible you are using in your “Bible” study.

We have to cut out the middle man if we want to get to know the girl of our dreams.

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