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Monday, September 23, 2013

Bible – Eat Fresh

One of the keys to Bible study is when you come to a passage you need to read it as if it were the first time.  This evening I was in Galatians.  Not sure how many times I have studied that book.  Probably around 10.  I have translated it from Greek to English and have a lot of it memorized.  So how do I eat Galatians fresh?
How can we study the Bible with fresh eyes?  Thoughts at DTTB.
I started with a blank Bible.  Well really a blank copy of the book.  I do all of my Bible study in my word processor.  So rather than open up my old Bible that is all marked up, or open one of the other studies I have done on my computer, or pull the Galatians file out of the file cabinet (I was doing Bible study before computers were available at home), I opened a fresh copy of my Galatians file and saved it as a new study.

I then read it through at one sitting.  I saw things that I have not seen before.

The point is that when you are diving into a book you need to start fresh, to borrow the phrase – eat fresh, each time.

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