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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Struggle On

It Ain't Easy
You may have heard it said that anything that is worth doing is not going to be easy.  I wrote about that in relation to Bible study last month.
It is a struggle to engage in the Word at any level.  Thoughts at DTTB.
Stiff Challenge
In the workshop this morning we covered the section that gives people the most trouble.  We began to look at how the structure of the text can help us make better observations.  When people start with this it is, to use their words, tedious.  If they stick with it until it moves to automatic it will revolutionize what they see in the Word.

Steep Climb
Sitting down to study the Bible at any level is hard.  After all we are pursuing knowledge of the infinite being with finite minds.  It should be hard.  I wish I was better able to communicate the value.  Words do not seem adequate to describe the riches that can be mined from God’s Word.  It is well worth the struggle.  It is well worth working through the tedium to get to where you begin to see those riches.

Rich Reward
Proverbs 2:3 – 4 likens this enterprise as searching for silver or hidden treasure.  It is an arduous task with huge rewards.

Dig in.  Struggle on.

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