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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Get it Straight

Last week I had several conversations with men about an issues that I feel Biblically is of great importance.  I had been given some information from a source that I trust implicitly.  Receiving that information was one of the events that led to me picking up the phone.
We need to get our facts straight before we dive into an issue...  Thoughts at DTTB.
Before I talked to these men I made another phone appointment to validate the information that I had received.  It was important not to engage in these conversations with second hand information, even though I trusted the source.  So I talked to the individual who was directly involved.  I am glad I did.  While the basic information I received was correct the individual who told my friend was more upset than the person with whom I talked.  I learned a different perspective, and it changed radically my approach to the conversations I had scheduled.

Many times, unfortunately, I have not checked out information for myself.  I have just run with what I was told.  Not a good plan.  People, even godly, engaged people do not always present things that happen or issues that concern them in full light.  By God’s grace, I got the straight story before I acted.  I pray that the lesson will not be lost on me.

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