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Friday, July 12, 2013

Personal Trainer

A few years back on a ski trip my son and I hired a personal instructor to teach us how to ski moguls.  We spent an hour or so with him and he worked hard to explain, demonstrate, observe, and correct our “technique”.  Most of his effort was in vain, I still can’t ski moguls, but I do ski better.  Even though the results were not what we had hoped, the time and the instruction were excellent.  We learned a lot.
Reading in Psalm 119:73 just now, it dawned on me that the Lord is our personal instructor in His Word.  We know from Psalm 139 that He personally and intentionally was engaged in our individual creation.  He formed us.  The psalmist draws on that reality here.

The ski instructor was not intimately acquainted with either of my son’s or my athletic skills, abilities, how we learn, or how we are motivated.  God is.  He formed them.  He designed them.  He did it for a reason.  So He knows how we can best learn His commandments.

Specifically Tailored
Think of that!  The God who created the universe shapes His instruction about Himself uniquely to the gifts and abilities that He formed in us.  We cannot help but learn of Him.

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