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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Portion Control

In the diet literature we are told that in order to control our weight we need to control the portions we eat.  We do that to maintain our physical health.  A similar reality is also true in for our spiritual health.
There are some phases of our life where portion control is a bad thing.  Thoughts at DTTB.
Psalm 119:57 brought that to mind today.  You can read it.  The Lord is my portion.  However, unlike portion control for our physical well being, we cannot get enough of the portion of the Lord.

If you think like I do the question becomes, “How do I get my portion of the Lord?”  We are not like the 12.  We do not have the option of walking with Him for three years.  In John 16:7 Jesus tells us that is a good thing.  We actually have it better than the 12 as difficult as that may be to grasp.  Why, we have the Spirit.  We have the Bible.  They did not have either.

Physically we want to limit the size of our portion.  That is not the case spiritually.  We need to get all that we can.  That is done through the Word of God.  Just before He told the 12 that His Father was sending the Spirit He told them to abide in His Word, John 15:7.

Unfortunately some of us exercise portion control spiritually.  Don't.  Dive in.

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