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Sunday, July 21, 2013


In the past few years I have been dealing with some issues that are divisive.  Some of the issues have clear direction in the Scripture, others not so much.  I have seen those who are concerned with the unity of the Body compromise their convictions or their understanding of Scripture to either continue to serve areas of the Body or else maintain their position in those elements.
When do we bend and when do we stand our ground?  thoughts at DTTB.
It is a difficult choice.  There are times when compromise is necessary.  There are others when that compromise is destructive.

For the moment lets think about the destructive kind.  If we continue to engage in a situation where we feel that Scripture is being consistently and deliberately violated for the sake of unity, I wonder if we are not contributing to the problem.  By our continual engagement we are saying by our presence that we do not feel that the issue is a problem.  Regardless of what we say, what we do speaks louder.  If we are continuing to engage where the Word is not honored, or sections of it are dismissed as irrelevant, our credibility when we teach that it should be honored and that it is relevant lacks integrity.

The most difficult challenge in this is choosing which battles to fight.

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