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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Assisted Living

Working through the last section of Psalm 119 this morning, I was struck once again and deeply about how dependent on God we are even to follow Him.  Look at 119:169 - 170.  David begs The Lord to allow his prayer to be heard and he begs for deliverance.
How does the Holy Spirit assist us to follow God?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Thinking through this I was drawn to 1 Corinthians 2, John 16:13, and Romans 8:26, read through those and note how we are described and how the role the Spirit plays in our life is described.  I noted:
  • I do not know how or for what to pray
  • The Spirit dwells in me and knows my heart
  • The Spirit knows the heart and mind of both the Father and the Son
  • The Spirit prays according to God (the reference to God's will is supplied by the translators for clarity but It seems to soften the impact of the thought that Paul wrote in the Greek.)
The depth of my helplessness and ignorance is immeasurable.  The depth of the Spirit's knowledge is unfathomable.  

Romans 8 tells me I have been:
  • Foreknown
  • Predestined
  • Called
  • Justified
  • Glorified
By the God who sent the Spirit to lead me through the process and lead me into the truth.  God's plan to save me is comprehensive.  It takes into account my complete and utter helplessness by supplying the Spirit who knows the mind of God toward me to indwell, lead, guide, and pray me through the messes I create along this journey.

Overwhelming assisted living. 

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