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Monday, April 25, 2016


There are two verses that inform my day, well to be honest more than two, but these are important.  Ecclesiastes 10:10 and 2 Timothy 4:8.
The two are in a bit of tension for me.  I focus more on 2 Timothy 4:8.  I spend a significant amount of time in the Word and talking to others about the Word while equipping them to get more out of the Word of God.

But I have found that if I sharpen the axe, that is take care of my body, fitness, work out, I have more energy and stamina in my practice of the discipline for Godliness, i.e. my time in the Word.

Further in the past nine years the Lord has allowed me to travel overseas on ten short term mission trips where I worked with people in the Word on eight of them.  I have learned that those trips are draining.  Even though I am engaged in my passion, I discovered my passion will only carry me 4 days without sleep.  So part of the reason Ecclesiastes 10:10 is important to me, is to tolerate those trips better physically.

So for me this is a two pronged approach based on those two passages.  If I err I err to the side of 2 Timothy 4:8.  I am praying and learning that this approach is helping me be more effective.