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Friday, April 22, 2016

WARNING: You May be Guarding the Wrong Thing

I heard a great message last weekend.  One thing in particular got me thinking about what I care about on this journey.  Look at 1 Timothy 6:20.  Paul exhorts Timothy to guard what has been entrusted to him.
WARNING: You May be Guarding the Wrong Thing

If you follow the word “entrust” through the Pastoral Epistles you will find these references:
  • 1 Timothy 1:11
  • 1 Timothy 1:18
  • 1 Timothy 6:20
  • 2 Timothy 1:12
  • 2 Timothy 1:14
  • 2 Timothy 2:2
  • Titus 1:3
All but 2 Timothy 1:12 refer to the gospel.

So what we are to stand guard over is the truth and accuracy of the gospel.  That does not include a number of thing about which I have heard people really angry.  Things like the type and volume of music.  The fact that the coffee machine has been moved.  That the time of the early service has changed by 15 minutes.  Those things seem to be guarded with unbridled passion, while things that may be said in Sunday school classes or from the pulpit that do not align with what the Bible says are ignored.

What is it that angers us?  What is it that we are guarding?