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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Not Enough Time

I hear that sometimes.  I have said that sometimes.  Usually in a situation where I have not or someone else has not finished their Bible study.  I was thinking about that some this morning.  A couple of thoughts
Not Enough Time
There are two things that Jesus said that makes my excuse of not having enough time to study His Word fall incredibly short.  First in Matthew 6:33, He commanded that we see first God’s kingdom.  That wasn’t a suggestion, the verb is imperative.  We are to seek Him and His kingdom first.  Not after we have everything else taken care of, first.

The import of that on our lives is huge.  If we were to take Him seriously, it would impact how we approach everything in our lives, would it not?  Perhaps it would inform what kind of work we choose to do, and how much time we invest in that work.  It might alter our ambitions.  But that is not all…

In John 15:7 Jesus tells us that we should be abiding in His Word.  That impacts our prayer and by extension in the context, our fruit.  This is a conditional structure in the Greek.  It is the type that is undetermined in the sense that we may or may not abide in His word.  The result if we do is more effective prayer.

It would seem, based on these verses that we have the time.  Better, we have direction from the Lord on how we should be using our time.  If we do not seek His Kingdom first and abide in His Word, it would seem like He may have an opinion about that…