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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Body Observations

I have said before that we need each other as we study the Word.  This morning three of us were in John 5.  Now I have been through that chapter earlier this year with the Tuesday group.  That group consists of mostly people who have been in full time Christian work, leading Bible studies for upwards of 40 years.
Body Observations
While I need the Tuesday group, the guys this morning saw things that the Tuesday guys missed.

You know the passage, Jesus heals the man by the pool that has been there for 38 years.  As he is walking out of the place carrying his pallet, the Jews jump all over him for working.  One of the men observed that they did not jump all over the person that brought him to the pool, which would also have been considered work.  Great observation.  Their ire was focused on what Jesus did.

The other man in the conversation remarked at the end of our time that he really wanted to know God better through the Word.  We are not there yet but he was essentially quoting John 5:39 – 46.  He is already applying the Word before we get there.

Both men are fully engaged.  Both are making great observations.  So are for that matter the Tuesday guys.  The point is we need each other’s insight into the Word.  The other point is that no matter how many times we go through the text, there will be more to see.