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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Timing is Everything

You know how sometimes a verse you know can jump off the page because of your circumstances?  Romans 5:6 did that for me just now.
Ever feel like you are not making progress?  Thoughts at DTTB.
My daily schedule has taken a major hit as I sit in the passive motion machine for six hours a day.  That takes up a lot of productive time.  Some of you will probably respond that I am not supposed to be productive while recovering from surgery, but I am a type A remember?

I struggle with goals and objectives.  I work on projects all of the time.  I start one Thursday that has taken 4 years to start.  I get anxious that things are not going fast enough.  Then, like today in Romans 5:6, I am reminded that God does everything at the right time.

I am right on schedule.  My walk with God is where He wants it to be.  My projects will turn out the way that He wants them to, when He wants them to.  My surgery did not throw the plans of God into disarray.  He already knew that was going to happen.

My assignment is to rest in His grace.  But, I am a type A, remember.  The assignment is still to rest.


  1. When I am under pressure of urgency or uncertainty, when feeling anxious, I remind myself that God is in control, and His best I will not miss. Then I pray God to search my heart, know my anxious thoughts, and lead me back to trusting His way and His timing. Psalm 139:23–24

  2. We are all being transformed from whatever type into "Type J" ;)

  3. Thanks, Mike - I needed this. I remember the story of Dr. Han Kyung Shik, a N. Korean who fled with his congregation to Seoul during the Korean war. I believe he came to America for training of some type but ended up in the hospital flat on his back with three years predicted to live due to TB. As I recall the story he somehow got a Bible rigged so he could see it from his supine position and with hours day after day he memorized vast passages of Scripture. He went on to mold that destitute little congregation of 29 refugees into the largest Presbyterian Church likely in the world, Young Nak Presbyterian. It is now said to have 60,000 members including 500 satellite congregations throughout the city.

    It's always easier to see these things in retrospect. I struggle often, maybe daily. But am always glad for a reminder; God is not nearly as interested in what I do as in who I am. Good thing He's God - it's a big job...