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Monday, August 18, 2014

No Pleasure, Don’t Skim

Hebrews 10:6 is one of those passages that we will sometimes read like we are in some sort of fast forward mode, you know, we get through this to get to the good stuff.
Ever just want to get through the passage in Bible Study?  Thoughts at DTTB.
That attitude is exacerbated, well at least in my Bible in the way the publisher deals with quotations of Old Testament passages.  They are printed all caps, indented.  So we, well I, tend to skim through them.  After all we read that Psalm before, we know what it says.

But the author of Hebrews by pulling Psalm 40:6 forward and placing it in this context, creates a near seismic event.  When paired with all else he has said about the Law and the Old Covenant.  The notion that God was not pleased with the sacrifices that He commanded is significant news.

All of these arguments are building an overwhelming case that there is salvation in no other system.  There is nothing that we can do to please God, even following His Law, it just cleanses the flesh (9:13), and reminds of sin (10:3).

It is only Christ’s sacrifice that makes us perfect.  Our hearts and conscience cleansed (10:22).  Perfected for all time (10:14).
There is no other way to enter into relationship with the Lord.

No other avenue that will give Him pleasure with us.

Don’t skim.  Study it all.

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