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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So I am learning from this surgery.  I wear this sling that immobilizes my left arm on a pillow that is strapped around my body.  Sort of makes it hard to use my left arm, but I guess that is the point…  It means that I cannot do many really ordinary tasks like anything that takes two hands.  Buttoning blue jeans for instance.
Ever have trouble asking for help?  Thoughts at DTTB.
I have a workshop starting tomorrow night.  Normally it takes me 45 minutes to set up the equipment for the workshop.  If I were to do it my self tomorrow, well, it would not get done.  So I have to have help.  I do not like asking for help.  It makes me feel needy and weak – there may be, just a little vestige of pride in that last phrase.

So my son and son-in-law are going to help.  My son will help me set up.  My son-in-law will help me take it down.

That is a really good picture of the Body is it not?  I do not have a hand, someone else supplies it.  I cannot get in some positions to connect components, someone else can.  I do not have all of the gifts.  I do not know everything there is to know.  That is why I need others.

This sling is helping me apply that reality more effectively.

1 comment:

  1. It's exciting when such significant young me in your life can help you; those times will increase as you continue to "mature...."