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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day

Mother’s and Father’s days used to be pretty simple.  I would get a card for my mom or dad and that was pretty much it.

Have you ever noticed that life gets more and more complicated?  Thoughts at DTTB.
None of those are me... I have more hair...
Then I got married and the number of parents doubled.

Then we had kids and now I was a father, my wife a mother, and our parents, grandparents.  More and different cards and gifts.

Then our kids got married.  Now they had two sets of parents and grandparents with which to deal.

Now our kids are having kids.  Now they are mothers and fathers, we are the grandparents, and our parents are the great grandparents… ditto on their spouses’ side of the family.  How do you celebrate all of that at one time in one place?

You can’t.  The number of relationships and relational dynamics are way too complicated to count.  Makes my head hurt.

Add to that the reality of other life transitions and it becomes nearly overwhelming.

Used to be just a card.

This is not really all that spiritual or profound.  I have just been reflecting on where we are in life.  It gets really complicated, full, really quickly.

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