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Friday, June 27, 2014

Thinking So as to Have Sound Judgement

Checking my email this evening I got one from a guy who added me on Google+.  He sent me a link to a presentation.  I clicked on the link and watched.  Don’t usually do that but the tagline was intriguing.
We are bombarded with at lot of religious stuff daily, how should we respond?  Thoughts at DTTB.
While the presentation had some interesting observations on a portion of scripture toward the end it made a huge interpretive leap that cannot be validated in any shape, fashion, or form from the text from which the individual was sharing.  While that does not surprise me the absurdity of the position was shocking.

Curious to see if anyone caught the logical fallacies, I skimmed through the comments.  I was not surprised again.  Most of the comments were very complementary.  No one mentioned anything about the absurd comment in the middle of the presentation.

That matters.

Throughout the New Testament we are exhorted to use our minds.  We are exhorted to think.  We are exhorted to have our minds renewed.  As a taste here are all the references to the word mind from Acts to Revelation.  You could do a similar search for the words think, thoughts, thinking… there is a lot about how we as believers are to think.

No one who responded to the presentation did.  They commented on the beauty of the experience.  The quality of the pictures and background music.  They did not check what was presented against the Word.

We are daily bombarded with religious junk.  Stuff someone has come up with to sell a book or a seminar.  We are warned against this multiple times in the Word.  2 Peter 2 may be the clearest.  We will have false teachers.  We are not to accept something because it makes us feel good, is cleverly and attractively packaged, or has interesting music or new thoughts.  We are to engage our minds.  We are to do the hard work of evaluating what is presented through the grid of Scripture.  If it does not align with what is written in there, it is false.  We should reject it, no matter how many people have bought the book or told us how great it is.

We are to think.  We are to think aright.  We are to have our minds transformed and use them.

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