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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Real Trainer

The last couple of days I have shared about men who have built into my core and who were with me during training – oh by the way, Pat, Larry’s wife got me in touch with Cunneen, the guy I mentioned yesterday with whom I had lost contact.  Suffice it to say that like the others in the picture, he has greatly impacted the kingdom.  He went with Shimkus to Iowa after MSU then started the Nav ministry at Duke.  He is not in Orlando having left the Navs to form his own ministry working with colligates.  Shimkus joined Jim’s ministry before he passed away…
Have you ever considered that the difficult folks in your life are there intentionally?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Reading through Psalm 144:1 just now it occurred to me that the real trainer, the one who really built into my core, the one who really pushes me, is the Lord.  He uses and used these men.  He was intentional about doing that.  But it was Him that was directing the experiences.

We read in Isaiah 55:8 – 9 that our Lord is the most intelligent being in the universe that He created.  Psalm 139:1 – 6; 13 – 18, tells us that He is intimately acquainted with our way, and that He was intentionally and intimately engaged in creating us for a purpose.

The people and experiences we encounter in this life are intentional.  Placed in our life by an intelligent, intentional, and intimately involved Lord to make us into the instrument of His will.

I have mentioned all the men that I really like.  But there are those on that list that I did not like so much.  Some, frankly, are enemies.  The thing I have to continually struggle to grasp is that the Lord has placed them in my life intelligently and intentionally as well.  He uses people who may rub us the wrong way probably to rub some of the wrong stuff off of us.

It may not be pleasant, but it is intentional.


  1. Mike,
    good comment. consistent with words from a Christ-following retired US Army officer - 'you will learn more from your bad leaders than your good.' Pls don't read that without generous context. The folks you are talking about may not be bad leaders.

    1. Good thought, absolutely. Think of it in terms of David and Saul. David deepened his trust in God through Saul's poor leadership.

      Thanks for taking time to share...