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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

God is Good

Tuesdays are long for me.  I start at about 0520 and finish around 2330 (that is 5:30 AM and 11:30 PM for non-military types).  Tonight was the last meeting of the current Dads Teach the Bible workshop.  Last week my kids came to be interviewed.  Out of 10 men who normally show up, three were there.  My family outnumbered them 2 to 1.
Do you ever wonder if what you are doing is really making a difference?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Over the years I have learned – check that, I am learning not to judge effectiveness by numbers.  Of all of the workshops I have done this was the lowest turnout for that part of the workshop.  Typically, that is the highlight of the 10 weeks.  The three asked good questions.  It was a good interaction.

We start at 8:15 PM.  Tonight at 8:14 no one was there but me.  I was beginning to work out how long I was going to sit there before going home when 5 guys walked in.

Regardless of my commitment not to measure by number, the combination of last week and this was a bit of a challenge for me.  As we began to talk.  One of the guys shared how he was applying DTTB in studying Colossians, the current sermon series in his church.  Later I mentioned the phrase “in Christ,” as a good topical study, he immediately said that he lost count of how many times that showed up in Colossians.  It is one of the keys to the book.  It was like the Lord tapping me on the shoulder telling me, “He gets it…”

Then one of the men shared how his son is asking him to meet with him in the Bible every night.  He said that he felt it was his commitment to come to DTTB that opened that door.  I do not know if that is the case, but it was like the Lord was tapping me on the shoulder again saying, “That’s huge.”

There were several other comments tonight that had that same impact.  I was lifted from tired and a bit morose to energized and eager.

My Lord did not need to do that.  Luke 17:9 – 10 tells me that I am only doing what I am supposed to be.  But He is good.  He is gracious.  He used those men tonight to give me a gift of encouragement.

I am overwhelmed, and grateful.


  1. I bet it is encouraging to see the fruits in the lives of men you've faithfully invested. I wish I could participate, too.
    P.S. It might be a minor misprint in the reference to Luke 17:9-10. Great passage. Memorized!

    1. Yep. You are right I dropped the 1 off of the 17... Fixed. Thanks.