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Saturday, May 31, 2014


If you want to understand the Bible, really understand it, there is a key to your being successful at that task.

You won’t like it.
You want to know the secret to real understanding of the Word of God?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Affliction.  Essentially pain, difficulty, and other excruciating difficulties is what unlocks the Word.  Read Psalm 119:67, 71.  David shares that is what did it for him.

We do pretty much anything we can to avoid pain.  In so doing we avoid deep understanding of the Word.

In Morocco last August, a few of us were spending time early in the morning reading the Word and praying.  I suggested that we read through Psalm 27.  Psalm 27:4 was the first verse I ever memorized.  When I suggested the Psalm one of the men lit up and said, “Oh, that is my favorite Psalm!  I memorized it while I was in prison.”  He was jailed for his faith.

His insight into that Psalm is much deeper than mine.  It was forged in the furnace of affliction.  It is a high price to pay.  It is worth it.

I told you.  You won’t like the key.  I do not either.  But that is God’s way of opening His Word to us.


  1. I also have learned this thanks to a tough test of faith God was pleased to pass me through about 20 years ago. After I surrendered to Him and broke approaching marriage on a nice yet an unbelieving girl, God has comforted me with Ps 119:71. Growing in knowledge of God and His Word is often tough, yet absolutely worth it. Looking forward for the next opportunity, Father.