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Friday, January 24, 2014

Bigger or Better?

A pastor friend of mine sent me a video to watch this morning.  Because of who sent it I watched it nearly immediately.  Glad I did.  Further, I sent it to a friend before I got through it, four more when it finished.  This message has been played in churches and boardrooms all over the country.  I took three pages of notes, stopping the video several times to respond.
In your work or church, should you be trying to get bigger?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Andy finished at Dallas just before I started.  We both spent a lot of time with Prof.  I can see the fingerprints of Prof on this message.  One of the things that Prof said in his leadership class is evident in this message.  The best literature on leadership is in the Business community.  Two of Andy’s points on organization and leadership come from that source.  It reminds me that I am behind in my reading.

I do not often in this blog share other’s content.  This is worth your time for your family, your church, and your business.

Click here when the site loads click on the "Monday Evening" tab at the top right of the player.  Scroll down to "Part 23" in the box on the right.  The message begins at about the 17 minute mark where he is being introduced by his father, Charles Stanley.  One of the men I sent it to suggested you need to hear Charles' prayer at the 16 minute mark.  Your call.  Let me know what you think...