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Monday, January 6, 2014

Spirit's Work

As you are probably aware one of the purposes of this blog is to challenge us to be in the Word more consistently.  But not only that but to be more intentional and careful in our observation of what the text says.  Several times I have pointed out that the structure of the text can help in our observation.
Do you ever get discouraged talking to your kids about the Lord?  Thoughts at DTTB.
I have written several times about 2 Corinthians 4.  Look for a moment at verse 1 and 2.  The first thing you notice is that verse 1 starts with “Therefore, since…”  That combination of words throws us back to chapter 3.  In chapter 3 Paul tells us about the ministry of the Spirit and contrasts it with the ministry of death.

His point is that since we have received this ministry of the Spirit we do not loose heart.  If you have been engaged in any type of ministry you are aware that it can be draining.  One can get discouraged by lack of progress or outright resistance.

But look at what Paul contrasts with losing heart, renouncing hidden things, which he describes as walking in craftiness or adulterating the Word of God.  That is the pull.  To do something unique, something catchy, attractive, sexy to attract people.  But here Paul tells us that in the ministry of the Spirit, the issue is not our cleverness, no.  The issue is that we have to trust the Spirit to penetrate the darkness that enfolds those whom we wish to reach.

It is not something we can do.  It is the Spirit’s work.

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