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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tim Tebow

I started on another topic but ran across a couple of things on the web that we probably should discuss with our kids.  At one level I am hesitant to use young, outwardly Christian public figures as examples, because they are already on a pedestal and have not been tested over the long haul.  1 Timothy 3:6 and 5:22 cautions us against this, thus my hesitancy.

I have not been a great fan of Tim Tebow.  Partially because of what I said above and probably because he was beating teams to which I had closer ties.  Since he took over the starting quarterback duties for the Broncos about six weeks ago, winning and bringing them into contention for a division title incidentally, I have been floored by the criticism of him not only for his faith, but for how bad a football player he is – really?  Admittedly, I have not followed this as closely as some of you have, I do not follow pro sports, hardly at all; my interest has rapidly waned since Tom Landry was fired – but that is off topic.

Tim Tebow has been criticized and mocked for his displays of faith by the media, fans, and other players relentlessly.  He has been filleted as an unfit football player; he has apparently handled the critique well.  It has brought a lot of attention to his faith and the way he integrates it into his life.  For me that is the value for our kids.  Jen Engle asked a question in her article on November 3rd "What if Tim Tebow was a Muslim?” she was also interviewed about Tebow’s faith on Fox and Friends.  Read the article and watch the interview.  Share them with your kids and focus on the way Tebow brings Christ into his work, and the way he handles what people say about him.  I pray he persists in his faith; regardless, his example now is worth talking about with your kids.


  1. Great idea for a discussion Mike, because I'm torn about Tebow. it's great he's public about his faith, but I cringe every tiime he kneels on the field. The criticism of him mystifies me, is it because he's Christian?? because I don't think you're even on that field unless you're a world-class athelete. No right answers, but lots to talk about w/Reed...

  2. I was off one verse in 1 Timothy 3. I meant to quote 1 Timothy 3:6. It has been corrected.