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Thursday, December 15, 2011


For about the last 20 years each Christmas we put a Christmon tree up on the wall in our house (no it is not misspelled).  The tree consists of 25, including the tree, representations of Christ’s birth and what that means to us.  My wife made the tree and the ornaments while we were in seminary.

Each December 1st the tree goes up on the wall.  At supper we read the scripture associated with that day’s ornament and either talk about it or engage in the activity recommended.  The reaction of the kids varied from year to year, from excitement to boredom to resignation to some level of appreciation.  We experienced eye rolls and not again statements in the teen years.  But it became part of Christmas for our family.

Last Christmas my wife made four sets for each of our children.  Whether they use them or not, that gift will serve as a reminder to them of what we did to emphasize the importance of the real meaning of Christmas each year in our home.

What do you do to focus on Christ with your family during Christmas?

(Note the Chrismon Tree daily directions are provided I have not found the patterns for the ornaments, still looking and will post when and if found.  You may be able to make them, if you wish from the picture.)

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