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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


In Luke 11:1 – 4, the disciples come to Christ and ask Him to teach them to pray.  Note that they had caught Him in the act several times.  They knew that is was important to Him and as His followers they wanted His input on what they should do about this.

What do your kids catch you doing?  What is it that they are coming to you and asking for input?  Like the disciples observed Christ’s behavior, you can count on the fact that your kids are observing yours and mimicking.  Not all of my behavior should be emulated, especially the way I drive and react to other drivers – but that is off topic.

Not only that you pray but what your kids hear you pray about is important.  In Christian circles when it comes time for prayer requests, in most cases they are organ recitals; Aunt Lucy’s liver, Cousin Sam’s heart, Ethel’s rheumatism.  Those are all important, and we should be praying for those things, but seldom does one hear about a personal struggle with one’s walk with God, a desire to be more effective in sharing one’s faith with a neighbor, the salvation of a neighbor or co-worker.

Early pray for those things with your kids.  You might start a family prayer journal with them keeping track of what you have prayed for and how God has answered.  This was not my strength.  It was my wife’s.  It is one of several things I would have liked to have done better as a father.


  1. powerful ideas, Mike: for prayer and for journaling....started way too late; after kids were grown. Wish I had this suggestion 30 years ago.

  2. I agree - powerful! Sharon did this with our two oldest, it got more difficult as the others came along. They would record requests, then answers as they came. Those journals are great treasures now.
    Not sure I see it being passed on to the next generation, but may be too soon. The one is definitely strong in prayer herself and kids have the concept, if not a very good practice yet.
    For me also, this is one of many things I wish about....