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Sunday, December 4, 2011


What does one talk about?  Matthew 12:34 gives us a clue, what comes out is what fills the heart.  We talk about that which we are excited or passionate.  I live in Oklahoma.  I will be really surprised if there is not conversation this morning at the church I attend about last night’s football game and its implications on the national championship.  Nothing wrong with that, it is exciting for folks (rather ‘pokes) here.

Deuteronomy 6:7 tells us that our conversation, what we talk about, should be saturated with the Word of God.  We watch football games with passion, intensity, great desire hoping our teams will prevail, analyzing and criticizing each element of the game.  That passion spills over into our conversations for the next several days, and in some cases weeks and months.

When is the last time someone came up to you and excitedly shared what they had found in the Word of God?  Does not happen much.  We do not generally come to the Word with the same intensity we invest in football games.  What we find there does not drive our conversation most of the time.  Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 9:25 that the games are for perishable wreaths – quick who won the national championship in 2006?  What we are doing in and with the Word persists in eternity.

Our kids listen to our talk.  They pick up from us what is important.


  1. My friend Ken tried to post but was unable he said:

    I tried to post a comment but, was unsure about the blog choices etc. Here's my thoughts however.

    Most of us follow the teams of our Alma Mater, or those of our children and grandchildren. Many follow the professionals but most real Christians I know, realize they are living life vicariously through the feats of others. And you are right, who was last year's champions?

    What's hard as a Christian is to understand God's promise of life forever. We, in human form can not wrap our minds around 'forever'. In this life, all things end. And what is even harder for me is to understand that I am forgiven, irrespective of my efforts, whether great or lacking, and that Christ offers himself to me through the Body and the Blood in the sacrament of Holy Communion, a most humbling gift indeed.

    I did not talk daily about the bible as perhaps I should have, but I tried to model Christian behavior as a man to my children as they were growing up. I even remember taking my son to a Promise Keeper's outing at Skelly stadium.
    This morning, I sat by my now 36 year old son in church. We went to communion together and I happen to know what he believes he is doing because we did discuss that extensively when he was young and before his confirmation.

    I wanted him to truly understand what the act of confirmation was. I told him if he had any doubts or questions, I would not be disappointed with him at the conclusion of his classes, and that he should express what he really felt.

    I don't need to tell you what this father felt this morning. I pray for my children and their families constantly.

    My son is a good Christian man, a good husband and a great father to his children. God is Good, he has heard my prayers and I have been blessed. (No bragging on my part, for it was God's doing - not mine.)


  2. Good thoughts Mike. Thanks. MP