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Sunday, November 20, 2011


We will come back to Deuteronomy tomorrow - It is Sunday.  Most of those who would read this are going to church today.  If you have kids, you are going to take them with you.  Frankly, kids are why a lot of people go to church and pick which church they attend.


What is the reason you are going to church?  What are you telling your children the reason is?  Do those reasons align with why the Bible says we should go to church?  If they do not you may be setting yourself and your children up to slip subtly into attempting to gain favor with Christ by attending, which is a form of legalism.  Or you may be telling them that that is where you go to learn about Jesus.  While that may happen, it may serve to blur the fact that we are to be teaching them about Jesus, and we are to be engaged with learning about Jesus daily, wherever we are.  I guess we did not leave Deuteronomy after all.

The Christian life is counter to the world.  We are going to be doing things and teaching our kids to do things that do not align with what they see in their friend's lives or in the media.  They have to know, at a base level, why.  More importantly, that why has to be Biblical.

1 comment:

  1. Good word, Mike. So much of what we do is habit, not intent. And so much of our "religious" activity communicates negatively to the lost around us. I have to admit that if my not yet believing neighbors and probably kids too were paying attention they wouldn't want to come to Christ because they don't want to be any more busy than they already are. What do my activities say about the Good News?