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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have a question.  Been thinking about why men are not moving from milk to meat, and I wonder if, at some level, it has to do with security?

Here is the thinking behind the question.  In Genesis 1:28 we are told that it was man’s job to subdue and rule over the earth.  In Genesis 3:17 – 19, the curse God imposed on man as a result of man’s rebellion against God, we read that the earth essentially will continually fight man in his appointed job.  By the way it is an interesting study to look at the assignments Adam and Eve were given by God and compare and contrast those assignments with the curses that resulted from their disobedience.

It seems that man is now in a situation that he is supposed to be leading, exercising dominion over, but that is continually at odds with and resisting him.  Nothing is working out as it was supposed to.  One result of that, it seems to me, is that men are leading in ways that are broken, and are gaining their significance from the exercise of that broken leadership, rather than from their relationship with God.  Our worth was designed to be measured by our intimate relationship with the creator but has been replaced by the flawed exercise of our leadership over our domain.

As flawed as it may be, we control what we do, at least it seems that way.  But when we are asked to reconnect with the creator we lose that control.  We know how to measure “success” in the domains in which we operate daily.  Asked to enter into a new and unfamiliar domain, such as independently meeting with God through His Word, there is fear of failure, not being in control.  We do not want to expose ourselves to a further failure so we allow others to do the work and tell us what to think or believe.  It is much easier and “safer” than venturing into that territory ourselves.

What do you think?  Am I off base here?


  1. I believe you thought has great merit. Thinking through this I can't help but to think about young professionals that may be entering into whatever field that they have prepared for. Young men coming in fresh from college/ school; who are academically prepared, have the drive/ zeal of wanting to get started and have new ideas will almost always sit back for some period of time because of security. None of us want to step out and be wrong especially if you are young. You can see this same reaction; say if you take a young adult bible group and place them in with mature christian who may be further along in the walk with God.

    Fear of failure or embarrassment can easily hinder our growth from milk to meat which is the warning we get from the Hebrew writer. Giving ourselves to God, making Him the Lord of our lives can overcome this security. Fear of failure can cause us to be timid. On the other hand if We have a pure and sincere heart to serve our Great and merciful God then We should want to step away from the security of milk and even fail during the transition so the we may learn and grow in spirit and in truth.

  2. Good point. Security. We all want to be secure in blessings, a steady stream of spiritual and material happiness. Who doesn't? To that end I relate to King David's cry to God alone: "you are my ROCK, my STRONGHOLD, my FORTRESS..." then I juxtapose that cry with the reality and ideal of Jesus' beatitudes (Blessed are the poor in spirit, the meek, those who mourn, the peacemakers, the merciful, pure of heart, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness...not to mention persecuted for his namesake) and feel I've come up short. To seek first the kingdom of God [then, all these things shall be added unto you] demands trust, surrender, dying to self, obedience. No control here. Such faith and the cornerstone of intimate prayer is a most unearthly pattern to practice, much less to model as a leader for others. Most of us tethered to earth fail miserably. Yet, we know we are more than overcomers through Christ Jesus who loved us.

  3. Some good thought-fodder, Mike, and also you other men. I need to think about it a lot more. There is no doubt a sense of insecurity/fear does hinder me in many situations. To say that is always the case would lend to the other side of the balance - pride, arrogance, self-importance, selfish ambition. I've noticed that when my mouth is open my ears usually aren't. It's hard to learn anything in that mode.

    The problem is in my heart, my attitude (as addressed by Jesus in Matt.5-7, etc.). It's rather humbling to recognize that my aversion to new situations where I am not in control is really a dislike of failure and humiliation. Although I've had plenty of it, I still don't like it...

  4. Bill Tried to post this but could not. He emailed me... I am posting this for him...

    Tried to post on the blog but was unable (I am a blogging newbey) so below is my comments. Thanks

    I like the idea our struggle against our sinful nature and our desire to overcome it. Without turning this struggle over to God we cannot hope to have dominion over the forces of this world. It is hard to avoid being spoon fed unless you are intimate with your maker. It is him who gives us the power to step our on our own. Perhaps too it is immaturity...I would expect that as we grow and become more mature in our faith we will be enable to not rely on others as much. It is similar to the example of a new college grad and when they first step into a new job.


  5. Mike, I can go with those thoughts you put forward. When I start thinking about self I am convicted and challenged at various season of life about my own steady diet of meat. And not that all milk is bad either... we need that form of nourishment at the appropriate times. What I observe from my years in ministry a lot of reasons/excuses come to mind why men don't move on to meat. Here is my non-conclusive list in no certain order without the commentary:

    1. Time to study
    2. Men don't know how to cut their own spiritual meat and digest it.(tools/skills)
    3. Some don't know what meat really is and think they are already on it.
    4. Men don't truly understand the benefit of pursuing real spiritual meat.
    5. Men are not challenged enough from the pulpit to get their own meat.
    6. Milk is readily available. It is on the bottom shelf and ez to reach, it comes in different flavors and taste really good! In fact, they have milk that even "taste like" meat.
    7. Men, don't fully understand and embrace God's expectaiton that we would eat meat!
    8. We don't put high expectation on our faith, therefore we don't grow (much) and thus we don't need meat.
    9. We are caranally minded at times and dull to the hunger pains of meat.
    10. Some churchs/denominations/preachers teach/prefer that meat should only come from the sage on the stage.
    11. Vegetarians: Some men perhaps had meat once and feel that they have enough for where they are in life...
    12. We don't share the Gospel and therefore have little need to apolgetically defend truth. So we are good on milk, not meat.
    13. Cultural norm. Most of western Christianity is devotionl at best in realationship to Christ and depth. Meat is not culturally expected, embraced, or demanded. Ice Cold Milk is in vogue.
    14. It is a plan of the enemy since the beginning to get at the offspring of Eve, and the enmity of the evil one to strike at the heel of man. How better than to emasculate the real source of power for man.

    As I look at the list it feels kind of like man bashing. I am not into that... Men need encouragement and not discouragement. But looking at possible sources of our trouble can help liberate us in our walk with the Lord and make us more effective for the Kingdom. This is not a conclusive list nor do I think that there aren't acceptions to these ideas. I know many. Most reading these post are probably acceptions.

    We have embraced a form of Godliness but no real power as men. Daily I am in contact with churches and ministries that are wondering where are the men at in the pew, marriages, parenting, a strong clear voice of leadership in our community. We are having a nice tasty glass of milk. Cheers!