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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have a question.  Been thinking about why men are not moving from milk to meat, and I wonder if, at some level, it has to do with security?

Here is the thinking behind the question.  In Genesis 1:28 we are told that it was man’s job to subdue and rule over the earth.  In Genesis 3:17 – 19, the curse God imposed on man as a result of man’s rebellion against God, we read that the earth essentially will continually fight man in his appointed job.  By the way it is an interesting study to look at the assignments Adam and Eve were given by God and compare and contrast those assignments with the curses that resulted from their disobedience.

It seems that man is now in a situation that he is supposed to be leading, exercising dominion over, but that is continually at odds with and resisting him.  Nothing is working out as it was supposed to.  One result of that, it seems to me, is that men are leading in ways that are broken, and are gaining their significance from the exercise of that broken leadership, rather than from their relationship with God.  Our worth was designed to be measured by our intimate relationship with the creator but has been replaced by the flawed exercise of our leadership over our domain.

As flawed as it may be, we control what we do, at least it seems that way.  But when we are asked to reconnect with the creator we lose that control.  We know how to measure “success” in the domains in which we operate daily.  Asked to enter into a new and unfamiliar domain, such as independently meeting with God through His Word, there is fear of failure, not being in control.  We do not want to expose ourselves to a further failure so we allow others to do the work and tell us what to think or believe.  It is much easier and “safer” than venturing into that territory ourselves.

What do you think?  Am I off base here?