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Friday, November 18, 2011


Looking at the challenge in Deuteronomy 6 from yesterday more closely, note the first part of the command, “these words…shall be on your heart.”  “On your heart.”  What comes to mind when you think about that?  Really, what comes to mind during our day?  What is on our hearts?  How to pay the bills?  How to get the next deal?  Will the team win this weekend?  Will my wife respond to me the way I want her to?

One friend put it this way, “Where does your mind go when you put it in neutral and floor it?”  That is what is on our heart.  That is what we are going to share.

What is the foundation of the challenge then?  It is that each of us as fathers are not just familiar with the Bible, the Word of God, but that it is something that is continually on our minds.  Continually, thinking about how it impacts our day, the next conversation, the project in which we are engaged, it permeates our thinking and informs all that we do.  High standard.  How do we get there?


  1. I agree in that looking at ourselves is where the breakdown is. The question/challenge was; who is going to teach our children and that we as fathers are commanded to do so. Another question I thought about is who is teaching us. We often put our own spiritual growth as do we our children on those who teach our bible classes/studies. Obtaining true growth in becoming closer to our Heavenly Father is hard to come to by simply running through some question for a bible class. Daily study own a personal level keeps a deeper focus own our treasure that God has laid up for us; along with this focus comes a propagating effect in our families. Another thought is when we study. There is certainly a proper time to retire to a quiet room to devote full attention to studying the word; on the other side letting our families and especially children see us study our Bibles can begin a learning in them expressing the importance of studying the bible. Maintaining Gods commandments on our hearts is and will always be a difficult task in this fallen world but the importance of doing so cannot be quantifies. This especially so for Fathers as we have been given the commandment from God that we are to lead our families in all things and most importantly lead our families to Him.

  2. To me I feel that "on your heart" involves purpose, memorization, internalization, planning.
    Purpose is that you use the truth amd make it a part of your life SO THAT you can share it appropriately with others.
    Memorizing so you can internalize.
    Internalize is more than just to "memorize" but to internalize the truth you are studying so that it becomes natural within you.
    Then you can Plan to be prepared to share it at any time God makes the opportunity available with whoever children, wife and others.