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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


You remember the story of Joseph.  He was sold by his brothers into slavery.  Yet became the manager of the house of his master.  Thrown into jail when the master’s wife lied about him; because of his character, the chief jailer put him in charge of the other prisoners.
You remember the story of Joseph.  He was sold by his brothers into slavery.  Yet became the manager of the house of his master.  Thrown into jail when the master’s wife lied about him; because of his character the chief jailer put him in charge...More at DTTB.
Two of the king’s servants, the cupbearer and the baker were jailed because they did not please Pharaoh.  They had dreams which Joseph accurately interpreted, much to the pleasure of the cupbearer and dismay of the baker.

Two years later Pharaoh has a dream and the cupbearer tells him about Joseph interpreting his and the baker’s dream.  Pharaoh calls for Joseph and asks him if he can interpret his dream.

Joseph has been in jail for at least two years; more likely three or more.  He had been unjustly incarcerated.  He had helped the cupbearer but it took the cupbearer two years to speak up for him.  He is called before Pharaoh who has the power to release him or else make his life more difficult still.

Yet when Pharaoh asks if Joseph can interpret his dream – well, read Joseph’s answer for yourself, Genesis 41:16 (here @ Bible Gateway).

Joseph gives the credit to God.

Now consider Paul.  He has been smeared by the Judaizers, by the “super-apostles”, his teaching has been trivialized.  So he is having to write back to a place at which he sustained significant ministry to reprove that group of believers and at some level to defend himself.  Read 1 Corinthians 15:10 (here @ Bible Gateway).  Paul, says he labored more than others, but it wasn’t him, it was the grace of God working through him.  Paul, like Joseph, is giving credit for his work, his effort, to God.

I tend to want to take credit for what I do.

But, the reality is that whether you like him or not when Rush Limbaugh declares that he has “talent on loan from God,” he’s is in good company with Paul and Joseph.

Jesus reinforces this, does He not?  John 15:5 (here @ Bible Gateway), “apart from me you can do…” a little?  Great things?  Some things?  The stuff that doesn’t matter?  No, “nothing”!  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

But, there are times I take credit…  Pathetic.