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Monday, May 7, 2018

Don’t Speak, Listen

In Mark 9:5 – 7 (here @ Bible Gateway) we encounter Peter once again.  He had just seen the glorified Christ and was speechless, did not know what to say…So he spoke…  Peter’s default position was to say…  Whether he knew what he was talking about or not, he spoke.  He felt the need to fill all of the breaks in a conversation.
Don’t Speak, Listen
God’s instruction to Peter, was to listen to Jesus.  Don’t speak listen.

There are many times that I felt overwhelmed by a situation.  Overwhelmed but pressured to speak to whatever issue was being discussed.  I have been in conversations where it became obvious that one or more parties did not understand or comprehend whatever issue was being discussed but still tried to dominate the conversation either by seeming to talk without breathing or else increase the volume of their sharing to drown out any challenge to their position.

I am learning that silence when I do not understand is a much better choice.  The certain reality we face is that there is much about God that we do not and frankly cannot know.  There are things that He does that we cannot explain.  Some, though, still try.

It is much better to keep our mouths shut, pray, and listen to God’s answer rather than stating our position more forcefully.