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Friday, May 4, 2018

Forgetting about Food

In Mark 8:1 (here @ Bible Gateway) we read about the beginning of the feeding of the 4000.  While I am aware that in John 6 (here @ Bible Gateway), Jesus rebukes the crowd for following Him for the wrong reasons, there are, I believe, some things we can learn from the people, the 4000+ who had gathered to hear the Lord.
Forgetting about Food
These people were intent on hearing, being in the presence of, Jesus.  They wanted to hear Him.  They were so intent, so captivated, that they did not bring any food, they did not plan, they just came.  The Lord was so compelling that they stayed for three days.

Not all of them were redeemed.  While they were enthralled here and when He came into the city, they soon turned on Him demanding His crucifixion.

But their hunger to hear, to be in His presence challenges me.  It forces me to ask when is the last time that I lost interest in food just because I was in His presence, much less for three days.  Hasn’t happened.

There is probably more that we can learn from this, but being convicted already I will stop there.