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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Weapons of the Enemy Summary

For the last couple of days we have been looking at Genesis 3 (here @ Bible Gateway).  Specifically how the enemy attacked Adam and Eve resulting in the fall of the human race.  Today well summarize and to some extent expand what we have seen.
Weapons of the Enemy Summary
At the time of this attack Adam and Eve were living in the garden and had a personal relationship with God.  He would come and walk through the garden, visiting with them.  The attacks of the enemy seem to be directed at this relationship primarily calling the veracity of the Word of God into question and thus tacitly raising the question, “Can we really trust God?”

He did this three ways:
  1. He questioned the Word of God, “Has God said?”  There are at least three implications of this question:
    1. We cannot trust what we read or hear there is something beyond what is on the surface of what we can observe or hear.
    2. The source is really not God.
    3. We are not able to understand what God said or we misunderstood Him.
  1. He contradicted what God said essentially calling God a liar.  This has at least two implications:
    1. It calls into questions the trustworthiness of God.  If we cannot believe what He says, we cannot trust Him.
    2. It suggests that the messages of God are false.
  1. He claims that we can become God.  Again two possible implications.
    1. This mirrors the enemy’s sin outlined in Isaiah 14:12 – 14 (here @ Bible Gateway), Revelation 12:7 – 17 (here @ Bible Gateway), the enemy wanted to be like God, above God.
    2. In place of trust in God, relationship with Him, and acceptance of His Word, the enemy offers “knowledge.”
It is instructive that all of the cults are based on one or more of these three  ways the enemy challenged Eve.