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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Value of One Committed Man

Josiah is one of the kings of Judah which I admire.  I have written about him before.  He shows up again in 2 Chronicles 34:2 – 33 (here @ Bible Gateway).  Josiah was the grandson of arguably the worst king of Judah, Manasseh, and the son of Manasseh’s son Amon who was, if possible, worse.  The only reason Amon didn’t out evil his father is the people rose up and killed him after two years.
The Value of One Committed Man
The amazing thing about this is that Josiah was the polar opposite of his father and grandfather.  He was singularly committed to the Lord in all that he did.

The most stunning result of this man is in 2 Chronicles 34:33 (here @ Bible Gateway).  Those who had followed his father and his grandfather in evil, the people of Judah, did not turn from following the Lord all of the days of Josiah’s lifetime.

Leadership is important.  I have enjoyed greatly listening to the late distinguished professor of history J. Rufus Fears.  One maxim that he repeats several times is that a statesman has four essential characteristics:
  1. Bedrock core principles.
  2. A moral compass.
  3. A clear vision.
  4. Ability to build a consensus to reach that vision.

Josiah had those in spades.

That begs another question.  How did a man with both a corrupt and evil father and grandfather turn out so well?


  1. I didn't realize Professor Fears was "late," and am sorry to hear it. He was an astonishing historian. I have listened to several of his history series.

    Having just seen "Darkest Hour" these principles stand out in that small slice of his life; sadly other qualities that effected his ability to build a consensus was limited. I feel we would have been living in a very different world had he not prevailed in his commitment to total victory. And the freedom that followed allowed a great burst of missionary expansion around the world toward building the Kingdom of God toward the goal of every family, tribe and nationality.

    You have reflected some of what God is doing in a very challenging part of the world in which you are having an impact. I attended a meeting today where I heard some amazing stories of the Kingdom in some very unlikely (to us) places.

    God is on plan "A," toward world domination by His Kingdom. And it is people like you describe who are in their own ways and setting leading the advance.

    1. Haven't seen that yet. It is on the list. Have listened to Fears on Churchill. He spent a great deal of time dissecting the Dardanelles campaign in WWI. I look forward to seeing "Darkest Hour".

  2. Thanks for writing this elder brother Mike.

    King Josiah of Israel is definitely one of my favorite kings of Israel if not my favorite without counting David, Solomon, Hezekiah and Jehosphaphat among others. Amen.

    ~ Bro. Jed

    1. Yes, he is a great, challenging model. He is also a incredible picture of God's redeeming grace. To be in the line of his grandfather and father and yet have the heart he had toward God is evidence of the work of God in his life.