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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Foundation of Leadership

We are picky about who we choose to lead us.  We look for the most qualified.  The one who has the best resume.  We look for good schools, a great track record.  We surmise that great training will produce great results.
The Foundation of Leadership
It is the same in our churches.  We want men who have been to seminary.  Who did well.  Some fellowships covet advanced degrees, it sounds better if their leader has a Dr. in front of their name.

Then there is God’s way.

Look at David.  Specifically look at Psalm 78:70 – 72.  David wasn’t recruited from the B schools or the T schools he was taking care of sheep.  He wasn’t a scholar.  He was a shepherd.  He wasn’t handsome, he was ruddy.  He spent most of his time outdoors.  Outdoors with stinky, dumb sheep.

In God’s estimation that is what prepared him to lead God’s people.

Wonder how we got the idea that degrees were better?

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