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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Overwhelming Power

I understood something that I had read several times before yesterday.  Ever happen to you?  You read something in the Word that you have read a hundred times and suddenly the tumblers fall into place and you see.
Overwhelming Power
Look at 2 Kings 7:6.  You know the story.  Elisha has taken Elijah’s place with a double portion of his spirit.  He is in Samaria.  Aram has Samaria under siege.  There is no food.  The residents resort to cannibalism.  Not a PG type of story.

Elisha tells king that on the next day there will be an abundance of food.  The king’s officer does not believe it.  The next morning four lepers go to the Aramean camp and find it completely deserted.  Why, reread 2 Kings 7:6.

The Lord caused the Arameans to hear a sound of chariots, chariots that were not there.  He caused them to hear a sound of horses, horses that were not there.  The sound of a great army, that was not there.  They ran.  They also made irrational decisions.  They left their horses and donkeys which would have allowed them to leave faster.

The Lord controlled what they heard.

The Lord led them to make irrational decisions.

Think of that.  Our Lord can control what people hear.  He can control what people see, 2 Kings 6:17.  That may be a reality that informs your prayer for those to whom you minister and those whom you are praying would come to Christ.

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