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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Under the Gun

Normally when I am about to be away from my computer, or out of the country, I work on writing the blog prior to leaving and then I schedule it to publish while I am away.  I will be pretty much out of touch all next week.  But not only have I not written ahead, I have not been able to write consistently this month.  I am under a tight deadline and nearly all of my energy is being expended on developing material for two weeks of meetings in another country.

I have not missed with this regularity in the past years.  Thus the reality of this situation is causing me to reflect again on why I am doing this blog in the first place.  Originally, it was an act of obedience.  It seemed to me that the Lord was asking me to do this, that has not changed – at least I do not sense that it has.  But…

Over time, I am beginning to wonder if I have lost who my audience was meant to be, the Lord.  My assignment was to write for Him.  In obedience to Him.

I was reading through Jeremiah 7 a day or so ago, the chapter rocked me.  The nation had slipped into a deceptive pattern.  They were following the Law, bringing sacrifices to the temple, they were doing what the Law said they were supposed to do, but the Lord was not pleased.

It seems that they got the means confused with the end.  This became clear for me in Jeremiah 7:22 – 23.  God reminds Israel that He did not ask for offerings and sacrifices when He brought the nation out of Egypt.  He just asked them to follow Him.

The Law with which they were obsessed came later.  Israel became focused on the Law, keeping it, and lost somewhere along the way the real assignment, follow God, be in relationship with Him.

I think at some level I drift into that mentality from time to time.  I go to church as an end.  Being there, singing the worship songs, listening and taking notes on the message or class becomes the extent of my activity.  It is about being in the building, doing the “Christian” things.  But God says He wants obedience, He wants me to follow Him, He is after and always has been after, relationship.  He wanted Israel’s heart; He wants mine.

So I will follow Him in the next four weeks.  I may not be here as much as I usually am.  But I will be with Him.

1 comment:

  1. As usual, penetrating and discomfiting. The "Why do I do...?" Motives! I often wonder about mine, and generally conclude they are likely seldom "God-oriented."

    At this time of my life I am undergoing a total rework of both what I do and why I do or even want to do everything. How does my life fit "Love God, and love your neighbor...?" I have a lot to learn.

    Thanks for following your initial sense of God's desire for the blog. So many have been blessed, encouraged and motivated by it. The absence of your emails will encourage us to pray just as when we get them.