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Friday, July 1, 2016

Wiser Guy

There is much in Psalm 119 that is worth our time.  Do a search in this blog and you will note that I have written on Psalm 119 a lot.  I listen to the Psalm at least once a week and sometimes more.  I do not have it all memorized, but that is a goal.
Wiser Guy
You probably are aware that the psalm is comprised of 22 alliterated octets.  David writes each octet with the first letter of each line starting with the same Hebrew letter, working from aleph to tav.

Mem is the thirteenth letter and its octet is Psalm 119:97 – 104.  There are three verses that stand out to me in this octet.  They describe the impact of the Word of God on people, to say that the impact is significant would be a bit of an understatement…  The Word lifts David above three groups of people in three significant ways:
Verse Impact Group
98 Makes one wiser Enemies
99 Gives one more insight All of one’s teachers
100 Gives one more understanding The aged

Think of that.  Those are three significant groups of people for any of us, enemies, teachers, and the aged.  The older that one gets, the wiser one is supposed to become.  David is telling us that the Word of God accelerates that process and make us wiser than those who have been around a long time.

If it is your desire to be wise, to learn, and to deal effectively with those who oppose you, David’s suggestion would be to get into the Word.


  1. Through this post, I know that your good knowledge in playing with all the pieces was very helpful.

  2. Something that is becoming increasingly painful as I grow older (which I wish meant wiser) is how little I know about even the "basics" of my Christian life. I've been at it for nearly five decades and I'm more astonished at my ignorance of such essentials as the nature of faith, of trust in God, of perseverance, of joy and rejoicing, of repentance, and fearfully even forgivenes - and I could sadly go on.

    Verse 105 of this masterful ode to the Lord and His great Word says, "Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path." The familiar image is the believer walking on in his life. This is inexorable; we can really only go forward toward the end of life. It will come; it is coming as I write this. It is coming as you read this.

    As anyone knows who has spent the night in a deep woods, the path ahead has various obstacles. A light enables one to see, and adjust to the changing terrain underfoot. Not having a light ensures injury of some sort. The Word of God must be continually relied on. It does no real good to switch on a flashlight, take the first step and conclude every step along the way is the same - a sort of "been there, done that."

    I need these basic truths every day, more desperately than ever before. The relatively smooth, level path I walked an eager your believer has become treacherous, steep and dangerous to my faith. I need His word and deeper insight into what I know as well as more I need to know. Many of my concerns in my '70's are far different even from those of '60's.

    Verse 112 says, "I have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes forever, even to the end."

    Thanks for the powerful reminder, Mike. "Dear Father, may it be so...."